Case Series: Surgeons Discuss Early Clinical Results with PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced Devices for Spinal Fusion

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PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced Devices for Cervical and Lumbar Fusion: Insights from Early Clinical Experience

 As observed by surgeons, early clinical results with PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced Devices for cervical and lumbar fusion indicate potential patient benefits and reveal specific improvements:1

 • Solid fusions as early as 6 months

 • Positive clinical outcomes at early time points

 • Improvements in overall pain and neurological function

 PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced combines the benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural with Hydroxyapatite (HA), a well-known osteoconductive material. HA is fully integrated, not coated, making it available on all surfaces of a finished device.

 Seeing is believing

 Multi-patient case series are presented by surgeons for both cervical and lumbar fusion procedures, with assessments for radiographic, pain and neurological outcomes including fusion status.

 Listen to the Case Series Webinar

 Timothy Bassett, MD

 SouthEastern Spine Specialists

 Tuscaloosa, AL

 Brad G. Prybus, MD

 Carrollton Orthopaedic Clinic

 Carrollton, GA

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