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Spinal Approach Techniques 3rd release



OOT announces the release of 2 additional videos in the “Surgical Approaches to the Spine” series. The videos, from this Open Operating Theatre and AO Spine Europe joint project, can be accessed on the OOT surgical video-platform.

Our third supplementary release of spinal approach videos, "Anterior Lumbar Surgical Approaches and Techniques”,are presented by Patrick Tropiano MD, Marseille, France.

In December we will release additional "Approach Techniques” videos on the subject of Thoracolumbar Osteotomies.

In addition to the spinal approach techniques, we have also released two interesting videos presented by Matti Scholz MD, Frankfurt, Germany.  Both videos, “Instrumented lumbar interbody fusion L4-S1 (TLIF L4-S1)” and Percutaneous stabilization of a T12 and L5 fracture” are online now.

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