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News update September 2018

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EUROSPINE's best of show


Get acquainted with three of the six abstract submissions for EUROSPINE 2018, which have been selected as Best of Show and will be presented in the Best of Show and Award papers session.

Spinal surgery for osteoporosis is no better for pain relief than injections


A trial published by the BMJ finds that vertebroplasty is no more effective for pain relief than a sham procedure in older patients with osteoporosis.

First dynamic spine brace characterises spine deformities


Researchers have invented a new Robotic Spine Exoskelton that may lead to new treatments for spine deformities.

Magnetic nanoparticles deliver chemotherapy to difficult-to-reach spinal tumours


Researchers have demonstrated that magnetic nanoparticles can be used to ferry chemotherapy drugs into the spinal cord.


Trauma and the shoulder joint; 
12 October 2018, London


The first GECO UK course will take place in October and Dan Rossouw and the Venus Group are pleased to welcome delegates who perform upper limb surgery.

Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenois; 
9 November 2018, Keele University


This course is a 360 degree full review and update on the state-of-the-art surgical treatment options in cases of lumbar spinal canal stenosis.

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